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Fan Coils
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Fan Coils are indoor units that transfer heat or cooling to the various spaces by supplying them with water at the appropriate temperature. In large buildings or hotels, in meeting places, etc., Fan Coils are a reliable and economical solution.


In addition to the above areas, in buildings that desire a better way of cooling than that offered by the local air conditioning units, forced circulation units can be installed without the need for major reconstruction of the area. Of course, it must be taken into account that in this case, there are necessary conditions that must be met, such as insulation and pipe cross-section, drainage system, etc.

• Lower cost
• Better performance
• Allows the application of an auxiliary ventilation system, thus offering greater comfort
• Temperature autonomy of each room separately, with the use of the thermostat and the three-way valve present in each fan coil





Fan Coils take water into their element, but at a lower temperature, between 35°C and 50°C, and with the help of the fan they distribute the heat in the room, while simple radiator bodies distribute the heat naturally and by conduction without the use of a fan.
In addition, by using a heat pump we can also have cooling, with an air conditioning system.
There are different forms of Fan Coil units, depending on the space, architecture and decoration such as (wall, visible floor, hidden floor for ducts, visible ceiling, hidden type ceiling for ducts and cassettes).

The noise level (db) is very low especially at low speed, similar to air conditioning units, in all new fan coils that also have Eurovent certification.

Finally, it is important to mention that in addition to the above advantages, there is also the possibility of using inverter fans, through which the power consumption is reduced considerably and the fan speeds are almost proportional.