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Underfloor Heating and Cooling
Lazaridis - Technical & Commercial Company - Porto Rafti

What do we mean by underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a system that is constantly gaining ground in the field of heating and cooling a building. It is now considered an ideal system for homes but also for some business premises. In order to consider an underfloor heating ideal for our space, some parameters should be considered such as the use our space will have, what insulation we have and whether the openings of the space meet the corresponding specifications.


Construction method
Briefly, the construction of underfloor heating is done in the following order:

• We level the floor where we will apply the subfloor with concrete filling so that we do not have protrusions and different heights on the slab.
• We apply perimeter tape to the masonry.
• We install node plates.
• We lay out the piping per circuit according to the application study.
• We cover the pipes with hot concrete.

• Thermal comfort in the space since it is a radiation system that transmits the heating everywhere and not in places.
• Pleasant heating because we have warm feet and a cooler head.
• Energy saving.
• Low cost of use.
• Radiators no longer take up space.
• Optionally provides us with coolness in the summer months if there is a heat pump.





  • Specially shaped heat-insulating and sound-insulating plates are placed on the concrete of the floor, over its entire surface.
  • A continuous tube of high-strength cross-linked polyethylene is firmly placed over the entire surface of the plates.
  • The plate / pipe system is covered with a special hot concrete. The floor of your choice is placed on the hot concrete: wood, tiles, marble, granite, etc.
  • The hot water flows harmoniously throughout the floor giving you the most healthy and comfortable environment through underfloor heating.