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Domestic Air Conditioning
Lazaridis - Technical & Commercial Company - Porto Rafti

Our company's air conditioning systems enable you to create the ideal environment and enjoy the climate in your home or business. In our store you will find a wide variety of leading air conditioner companies Daikin, Inventor, Nordstar, TCL, Fujitsu, Haier, Media, U-Crown, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Toshiba.
They offer great power, high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly refrigerants, air cleaning technologies, WiFi air conditioner management, certified to EU standards.
They are undoubtedly the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology for any type of interior decoration.

Domestic type air conditioners are:
Wall, Floor, Concealed Ceiling Type, Cassette Type, Channel (false ceiling) and multi systems.





They are the most well-known air conditioners to the average consumer, mainly in the Greek market. They consist of two units, the indoor unit (air conditioner) and the outdoor unit.
The indoor unit is installed on one of the walls of the room, without creating a problem of occupying available space. Due to the wall mounting, they have the possibility to meet the needs on a wide scale in terms of dimensions and rooms, with the lowest possible installation costs.
The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit through flexible pipes that penetrate the wall. This particular unit is responsible for channeling the hot air absorbed by the air conditioner into the environment and is the noisiest part as it contains the compressor.

-> High degrees of cooling and heating efficiency
-> Ability to purify the air with filters that neutralize viruses and bacteria while retaining odors and smoke, providing a healthy indoor environment
-> have a dehumidification function to remove moisture from the space
-> low noise levels, some air conditioners are almost silent
-> possibility of remote control and programming via wi-fi for the greater convenience of the Consumers
-> ease of technical support for maintenance and troubleshooting






Multi systems

Multi systems are essentially similar to wall air conditioners with the difference being the ability to connect and supply refrigerant to several indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
By installing such a system, cost and space savings are actually achieved as there is only one outdoor unit for a number of air conditioners greater than one in different parts of the space.






The floor and ceiling air conditioners give the consumer the possibility to place them in any part of the space he wishes, since as is obvious from the name, they are placed either on the floor or on the ceiling.

Advantages of floor air conditioners:
• Excellent heating function due to the uniform movement of hot air in the room
• Excellent cooling function due to the movement of air towards the ceiling creating an ideal air stream, without moving directly towards us

In ceiling air conditioners, it should be noted that there is no possibility to cover the unit and therefore it is visible in the room.







By choosing a cassette type air conditioner, the choice of installation point is not completely left up to the Consumer's preference. More specifically, these air conditioners are placed on the ceiling of the room, internally.
For this reason, the existence of a false ceiling is necessary, while the air is extracted from one point in four directions.






Kanalata air conditioners are the ideal solution for covering large spaces or spaces with a complex layout.

The indoor unit is placed entirely within the ceiling of the room and the air is extracted from more than one different point. Cool air is supplied to the room with the help of either suitable fixed metal air ducts or flexible pipes. These air ducts end in blinds (stomas) improving the aesthetics of the space.
The installation of ducts is suitable for newly built or renovated buildings, hotels, large multi-storey houses and other similar structures where hidden heating and air conditioning systems with reduced noise are needed.