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Oil and natural gas condensing boilers
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Condensing boilers exploit oil or natural gas in the best and most economical way.


How do they work;

Condensation of flue gases is desirable and necessary in condensing boilers to convert the latent heat of the flue gases into useful energy.
The boilers thus take advantage of the energy contained in the exhaust gases in order to improve their energy efficiency.
For the orderly and efficient operation of the condensing gas boiler, it is necessary that the temperature of the exhaust gases does not exceed 60°C.
Through this condensing technology, such a high degree of efficiency is also achieved in a corresponding boiler.


• Release less emissions into the environment and save more money in the long run due to reduced operating costs

• Reduction of up to 75% in thermal losses, with a combustion chamber surface temperature of less than 50°C.

• Condensing models reach up to 109.8% efficiency

• Natural gas and oil condensing boilers have a longer service life due to the top quality of construction materials

• Sophisticated control systems ensure that combustion takes place continuously only in ideal conditions